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Ostend (BE) Del 13 al 16 Enero 2015

SPINCAM participa activamente durante esta semana en la Reunión del Comité Ejecutivo de la Academia Global de OceanTeacher liderada por la COI/IODE - UNESCO en Ostende, Bélgica.
SPINCAM actively participates during this week at the Ocean Teacher Global Academy Steering Group Meeting led by IOC/IODE - UNESCO in Ostend, Belgium

Castro (CL) Del 9 al 12 Diciembre 2014

SPINCAM participa en la reunión de lanzamiento del proyecto BRESEP, liderado por el Programa Hombre y Biosfera de la UNESCO y cuya implementación se realizará en Panamá, Colombia, Ecuador, Perú y Chile.  Más información aquí.

SPINCAM participated at the kick-off meeting of BRESEP project, led by UNESCO - MAB and which implementation will take place in Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Chile. More information here.

Guayaquil (EC) Del 3 al 5 de Diciembre de 2014

Toda la información relativa a la III Reunión del Comité Directivo de SPINCAM y de los talleres de indicadores, gestión y visualización de datos, así como el de comunicación puedes encontrarla aquí.  aquí 

All the information related to the III Steering Committee Meeting of SPINCAM and workshops on indicators, data management and visualization, and communication is available here

SPINCAM and Ocean Teacher (IOC-UNESCO/IODE) organize the Training Course on E-repositories in Guayaquil (Ecuador), 26-30 May 2014

The SPINCAM project (Southeast Pacific Data and Information Network in Support to Integrated Coastal Area Management) was designed to establish an integrated coastal area management (ICAM) indicator framework at national and regional level in the countries of the Southeast Pacific region (Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama and Peru) focusing on the state of the coastal and marine environment and socio-economic conditions, to provide stakeholders with information and atlases on the sustainability of existing and future coastal management practices and development.

One of the priority areas for training for SPINCAM members is the development and maintenance of e-repositories for each country participating in the project. This course aims at addressing these training needs and will focus on the practical use of repositories

More information about this training course is available here

SPINCAM participates at final conference of the European Research Project PEGASO in Antalya (Turkey), 14-17 January 2014

Dr. Fernando Félix (CPPS), Dr. Paula Cristina Sierra and Dr. Francisco Arias-Isaza (INVEMAR Colombia) have participated on behalf of SPINCAM at the Final Conference of the European Research Project PEGASO providing a very extensive overview of our common work, coordination, main products and linkages with other regional initiatives in Latin America and the Caribbean. Additionally, Julian Barbière (IOC-UNESCO) has also provided a genereal overview of the project coordination as well as how we have used the lessons learnt from PEGASO in the context of SPINCAM (Spatial Data Infrastructures, indicators as a tool for management and the cartographic analysis of cumulative human impacts, among others)

More information about PEGASO Project is available here